Privacy Pledge


Take the Privacy Pledge with Your Kids

June 7th, 2023

Parents, to help your kids stay safe online, to help them make good decisions as they scroll, click, and tap, talk to them. Establish an open and honest line of communication with them about how and when they use their devices. And now is a good time to begin that conversation. The school year is ending, summer vacation is approaching, and the devices are beckoning. To get started, ask your kids to join you in taking our Privacy Pledge.

I pledge allegiance to myself and promise to protect my privacy. I will try:

  1. To keep details about who I am—like my address, phone number, the name of my pet, the name of my school—offline and off social media.
  2. To keep my passwords to myself and not share them with anyone (except parents).
  3. To avoid online quizzes and questionnaires (including fun ones, like Harry Potter Sorting Hat tests)
  4. To check with my parents before signing up for anything online.
  5. To keep photos and videos of myself and my friends off of social media and post them only with my parents’ permission.
  6. To tell my parents if someone makes me uncomfortable online
  7. To be kind to friends online and not teasing or bullying.
  8. To say NO if anyone I meet online wants to meet in person. And then go tell my parents.
  9. To check with my parents before downloading an app, a game, or anything else onto my phone, iPad, or computer.
  10.  To think before clicking anything in an email or on a website.
. . .