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Privacy Parent provides resources and information to help make the internet safe, private and secure for children.

The old public service announcement went something like this: “It’s 10 p.m.; do you know where you children are?” These days, your kids don’t need to be wandering around outside to get into trouble. Their online wanderings can lead them to dark corners of the Internet. What’s more, they—and you—are being watched. Marketers, advertisers, the companies behind search engines and others all have a keen interest in monitoring and tracking your children’s digital footprints and mining their personal information for their own financial gain.

Privacy Parent can help you answer the modern version of that ominous PSA with confidence: “Yes, I do know what my children have been browsing, and I know who’s been tracking their activity.”

We launched this site to help parents make informed decisions about how their children use the Internet. We think parents should know which companies are recording which games their kids download and what those companies are doing with that information. We think parents should understand what family members are giving away when they log onto a “free” Wi-Fi hotspot at the airport.

Knowing the risks and knowing the costs of engaging with the digital world can make those interactions safer and more enjoyable. Privacy Parent can help.

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