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Ray-Ban Meta puts cameras everywhere

January 5th, 2024

Everywhere there are eyes, there will be cameras. That’s the future Meta—with other big tech companies in hot pursuit—are envisioning. What does that mean for privacy? Nothing good. Meta recently introduced a pair of smart glasses made in partnership with Ray-Ban. Unlike Google Glass, introduced in 2010s, they’re not ugly. Cool, even. It’s not hard to imagine people actually wanting to wear them, especially since they don’t look like a weird piece of tech. That’s the problem. As Brian X. Chen of the New York Times noted warily, “Sleek, lightweight and satisfyingly hip, the Meta glasses blend effortlessly into the quotidian. No one — not even my editor, who was aware I was writing this column — could tell them apart from ordinary glasses, and everyone was blissfully unaware of being photographed.”

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