kids facial recognition


Your kid’s face belongs to…who, exactly?

October 17th, 2023

What happens to the images you post online? They’re stored on a server that somebody else owns, their content mined for any data that can be monetized. That data includes the faces in the image. So think about what happens when you post a photo of your kids. Their faces get stored, identified, tagged, analyzed, and used to perfect facial recognition technology. That’s all valuable data for tech firms over which you have little, if any, control. Creepy, right? Others are thinking the same thing. In a world plagued by over-sharing, a growing movement of concerned parents is trying to keep their kids’ faces out of the AI-and-algorithm-feeding industry. It isn’t easy. But it’s worth thinking about. This piece in the New York Times is a good start. As one parent says, “It’s kind of like ‘The Truman Show’ on the internet. … You never know who’s looking.”

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