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listening, watching, recording
Apps are listening, watching and recording you. Don’t let them. Block their access to your phone’s camera and microphone. Most apps — regardless of their intended function — collect personal data and use it... Continue reading >
Covid exposure apps
Covid exposure apps may steer you from danger, but the Bluetooth technology they use can... Continue >
Delete unused apps
Apps should earn their place on your phone. If there are unused apps on your... Continue >
Ring Always Home Cam
You don’t need to be a privacy fanatic to see the problems with letting a... Continue >
Hide your home from Google Street View
If you don’t think the whole world needs to know what your house looks like,... Continue >
Predictive anlaytics
Every minute of every day, predictive analytics are changing our lives. Your social media feed... Continue >
Protect your phone number and protect yourself.
Protect your phone number and protect yourself. If a form on a website asks for... Continue >