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Predictive anlaytics
Every minute of every day, predictive analytics are changing our lives. Your social media feed is calibrated to present posts that you’re most likely to care about. Online ads appear because an algorithm has... Continue reading >
Protect your phone number and protect yourself.
Protect your phone number and protect yourself. If a form on a website asks for... Continue >
Sign in to account
Is it a good idea sign in to other websites with your Facebook or Google... Continue >
Instagram privacy settings
A private Instagram account is a better Instagram account because its a safer Instagram account.... Continue >
search engine is a map
What’s the difference between a browser and a search engine? Think of it this way:... Continue >
Cross-device tracking
If you think switching from one device to another makes you less track-able, then you... Continue >
Many parents today became adults during the advent of social media, sharing and oversharing personal... Continue >