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Sesame score
If you’re reading this from anywhere but China, you probably don’t have a Sesame Score. But if you care at all about internet privacy and security, you should know what it is. The Chinese... Continue reading >
Cross-device tracking
If you think switching from one device to another makes you less track-able, then you... Continue >
AirDrop is safe, right?
You probably assume AirDrop is safe. It’s built right into your iPhone or iPad: a... Continue >
Too much power in the hands of too few
In the effort to protect our online transactions, have we ceded too much power to... Continue >
parent and child online. supervision necessary despite COPPA
COPPA—the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act—was supposed to help guard our kids’ privacy on the... Continue >
Big Tech tracks your kids
Here’s a hard truth for parents: Big Tech knows more about your kids than you... Continue >
Take Control of Instagram
If you’re going to use Instagram, be smart about it and take control. Setting your... Continue >